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Which Is The Best Site To Build Your Music Library On?


Feature chart sites like licensequote sites like sourceaudio

Want to see some examples?

If you are looking to build a music library business or composer website you have many options available. You can go down the route of generic website builders such as WordPress or Wix or you can go for a specialist builder such as Tune Bud, LicenceQuote or SourceAudio.

Sites like Wix & WordPress For Music libraries.

Wix musician site alternative
Wix Music Website

When it come to the more generic website builders like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress the main problem you will face is how to set up your library. You may have to spend hours of your time editing store themes intended for physical products to end up with something sort of like what you wanted. While these sites may be okay for a standard musician site they are often not the best for building your music library business.

Sites like SourceAudio & LicenseQuote.

LicenseQuote Library Website

With sites like SourceAudio or LicenseQuote you have the functionality of a music library from scratch however the costs for a working library can be very high and the sites often lack modern design or the mobile friendliness that search engines love.


Bandzoogle, while intended for musicians is not well suited for building a library on and shares many of the problems of Wix and WordPress.

Composerly Alternative

The great part about Composerly is that it is free (for now). The problems are that it doesn’t support eCommerce (a huge flaw) so unlike Tune Bud, you cannot sell licenses directly from the site as you sleep. It misses many of the great features that Tune Bud offers.

A customer would have to email you in order to request an order, you’d then have to bill them via pay pal and then send a further email with the track. Not ideal.

The crucial thing to consider with Composerly is that it relies on Soundcloud and as your grow your library you will be limited by the premium account types. While you don’t pay an upfront fee to Composerly you will need to pay for the premium Soundcloud accounts if you want to have more than a very limited amount of tracks. Another problem is that it’s libraries are often down.

Create Your Music Library With Tune Bud.

Tune Bud is the simple solutions, it gives you the lower price point, music library eCommerce, mobile optimization and modern design. Tune Bud eliminates worries over the hosting of your music and payment gateways.

3 thoughts on “Which Is The Best Site To Build Your Music Library On?”

    1. Thanks for getting in touch. We think that $9 per month is very good value especially with all of the amazing features and tool designed with composers and publishers in mind.

      We do have a new lite plan available for just $3 per month which is great starting point (this now includes two composer accounts), you can always upgrade later. Don’t forget we offer a whole months free trial with all plans.

  1. I have spent years trying to get my music licensing site on board, using wordpress and associated plugins that kept crashing my site, do not allow me the variety of licenses I am trying to offer, so many issues. I got so weary until I heard about TuneBud. The answers to my prayers. I would have had so spend thousands of dollars to get a developer to get what I needed, which I did not have in up front capital. What I needed was a solution that allowed me to cash in on my passion. Along with my associates who have done the same. I wish I had known about TuneBud sooner!!! Now all I have to do is market and manage my catalogs!

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