Site Setup

The Tunebud Home Page

The homepage has four great sections that can be used in a number of ways.

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A Tunebud Homepage can be tailored to your needs.

The Header/Split Panel Section

This section is really important.  It’s the first thing that visitors will see and can set the tone for the entire website.  First impressions count.

The header image you choose is a great thing to consider.  Do you go for a gritty high contrast black and white image (great for rock bands etc), or do you for a low contrast color image of your studio (creates a more modern feel).  Something else to consider when choosing the header image is that there will likely be text over it and you ideally want it to be readable!

The title and subtitle text is also really important.  We recommend making a strong statement about what you do in the Title and then adding the extra detail in the subtitle text lines.  Your Tunebud is however yours and there are lots of other things you could use the titles for such as announcing a new album or an upcoming tour date.

Next come the buttons which are great for directing people to search for your music, to a different page or totally different site on the internet.  If you had a merch store somewhere else you could link it there.  If you wanted to show off your composer profile on Cinephonix or another music library you could also do that.  

The Split Panel is the area is the main text area of the home page.  The main body is ideal for writing an introduction to yourself, your band or your project.  You can embed video add pictures or add something a bit more high tech using HTML.  The Side text area is perfect for special offers and the latest news.  You can add buttons to these sections so don’t forget to send a buyer to Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify if you have a new album out!

The Video Carousel

The video carousel is the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself or your project.  Simply Embed your YouTube or Vimeo video into the boxes and away you go. For composers sharing clips of projects you music has been used in is always very cool. For artists and bands its great to add your music video. Another thing often forgotten about is showing people behind the scenes. Letting people see the process behind your creations can give them more of a connection to it and make them much more likely to buy.

The Image Grid

The Image Grid of a Tunebud website is yet another powerful tool for you to use. A common use for this area is to promote certain playlists on your Tunebud website. Playlists can really help people find the tracks they want to license.  This section can also be used for Albums or Extended Plays.  You can also use the image grid to link to another area of your Tunebud website.

The Image Carousel

The Image Carousel is a great feature.  It can be used to display clients, libraries or projects you have worked with and help add value to your brand.  You could alternatively use it to display tour dates or even tour photos.

Just remember the homepage of a Tunebud website is really just the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t forget to make use of the blog, about, track and contact sections.