Promoting Your Music On YouTube

A really cool way for composers to promote tracks is to utilize the power of YouTube.

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graphic image of YouTube. How to Promote Your Music On YouTube.

Now you don’t need to be a great video editor to upload your music to YouTube. You can simply use a free tool such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to add a stock photograph over your music. These simple “videos” paired up with the right keywords can be a great way to get potential clients to listen to your music (especially YouTubers).

A simple yet effective way to get started is to follow this structure.


Your Name – Name Of Track – Keyword (Such as the main mood or genre of the track or simply Production or Stock Music both is cool if you have the characters but remember don’t make it too long).

Keywords Section:

For this section you should do some further research. If you dont have a clue about keyword research then the least you can do is go to and type in your title to get some keyword ideas. Remember that keywords aren’t necessarily one word. A keyword could be a whole search term for instance “Bob Smith Composer” or “Tunebud Honest Review”. These long tail keywords are often much easier to rank for than just “music”. Don’t over do the keywords here 6 or 7 will do you just fine. Another thing to know is that the order matters. Put your most important keyword first. The first keyword should be somewhere in your title.

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Include your artist name, name of track and title keyword in the first line. Next write a description of the track and try to include as many keywords in the text as naturally as possible. You can also add links to the library this is downloadable from or of course your Tunebud.

Extra Tip:

Want an even better chance of getting spotted? Make a Thumbnail (the images you see when you search fora video). Go onto Canva and click on the “YouTube Thumbnail” option. Add the stock Image you used and the write the track title on top. Make the text easy to read as it will be quite small on YouTube.

Some cool tools to check out are Tube Buddy & Vid IQ, give them a google and see what you think.