Getting Started

How To Create A Production Music Library

Learn how to start your own stock music licensing business.

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Want to start monetizing your beats, trailer music or songwriting? Building your own music library website is the perfect solution.

When it comes to building your own bespoke music library business on the internet there are some extremely important crucial choices you will have to make at the start of your creation process:

–          Do you need any specialist features such as watermarked audio to help protect the copyright of your tracks?

–          Is your site simply going to be an area to play music from followed by a client emailing you for the tracks or a fully functioning music eCommerce platform with automated instant downloads?

–          Is your website going to be for simply be self-publishing your own music or do you need an advanced content management system which will allow multiple composers to upload music?

Once you have an idea of what features you need and how complicated your website needs to be you can decide on a service on help you build it. Do you want to struggle with a regular everyday website builder like Wix or WordPress, try to add audio to a standard e-commerce site like Shopify, or perhaps look at a more specialized bespoke solution like Tunebud, a tailored, eCommerce licensing website for composers, producers and songwriters?

Styling Your Music Library

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The next step is creating a style for your site.  

Assuming you use an easy music site creator such as Tunebud you would already have a professional and modern theme, layout and music licensing system already setup from the start. All you will need to do is work on any logos or images you want to use and pick a site color.

Creating a logo has never been easier as you can use free tools like Canva to help you create a professional design in minutes. There are also lots of sites such Fiverr which are teaming with talented designers happy to help your music site come to life. 

Another cool bonus offered by Tunebud is the fact that they give you a download pack of free resources such as playlist tiles, header images and more to help make your music licensing platform, composer portfolio site or beat store really stand out. 

Promoting Your Music Library

The final step is to promote your website so that you can start to license your music online. 

A good place to start is to do some Search Engine Optimisation for your music site. Create blog posts using the Tunebud blog area using keywords and the interests of your clients to help attract them to visit your site.

You can also leverage the power of social media marketing and create a social media presence that will help spread the word. Video platforms such as YouTube have really helped sell music and is a great way to gets started promoting your compositions (you can even embed your music videos into both your Tunebud blog and homepage).

To keep up to date with the latest marketing ideas for production music make sure you visit the Tunebud blogs marketing ideas area.