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Building A Production Music Library Business

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For a Music lover, the ultimate business you could start is a Production Music Library. You can easily build your own production music library with Tune Bud.

What Is A Production Music Library?

A Production Music Library could have many names such as a Stock Music Library or a Royalty Free Music website. Essentially it is a business which licenses music for a variety of uses such as TV adverts, social media videos, films and on the radio.

Music libraries can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small boutique affairs owned by one composer or songwriter with a speciality, others are large non-exclusive libraries with thousands of tracks by thousands of composers.

How Do I Start A Stock Music Library?

The best way to go about starting a successful music library is to create a comprehensive business plan. Once you know your area of the market and what you want to achieve with your library you should head over to the Tune Bud pricing page and choose the best package to suit your needs. If you can’t find a package large enough simply get in touch with the team for a personalised quote.

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Tune Bud offers you all of the tools (other than the music) to start your own music library business. Features such as the powerful and detailed search function, promo codes, playlisting and detailed reporting make Tune Bud the excellent choice for building your stock music library.

Tune Bud’s mobile optimised library websites use a responsive and modern theme now essential for online success.

If you are a composer and you don’t want to sell/license tracks the best thing to do is check out the Composer Portfolio Site builder. This will help you build a professional web presence for your music and get you more placements.

2 thoughts on “Building A Production Music Library Business”

  1. I am very excited to start with the lite plan. One question, should I have my own domain for my website music library?

    1. Apologies for the late reply, your had comment somehow ended up in our spam filter. It’s recommended that you do have your own domain. You can also use a subdomain such as if you would like.

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