Tune Bud is completely flexible in how you upload music to your library. Work on your own, work with other composers or do a mixture of both.

So how does it work?

You'll receive a login account to upload tracks too, each track uploaded to that account is then assigned to the specific composer. So when customers are browsing your library, they'll be able to see who composed the track, ensuring all composers are credited for their track.

Splitting the costs.

The main benefit of collaborating with other composers is that you can split the music library costs between you making it more cost effective for everyone. If you're unsure whether Tune Bud is for you, this is a great way to try it out without breaking the bank.

Another huge benefit is that by collaborating with another composer you often expand your client base. There is a strong likelihood that the composer you have teamed up with will share the project with fans and therefore introduce new potential customers to your site.

Revenue splits.

Depending on the agreement you have with the composer(s) you're collaborating with, you're going to want to split the revenue between you.

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

Simply split the revenue straight down the middle and share it between you.

When a track is purchased, your content management system will show the composer of the track. This means you can calculate the revenue due to a composer based on the popularity of their tracks and how many times they've been purchased.

Tune Bud also provides monthly and yearly reporting of track activity and revenue to you which allows you to accurately calculate composer earnings. You can also track and monitor purchases through your content management system.

Creating a joint composer account.

This is really simple and takes the Tune Bud team a matter of seconds to set up. All you need to do it let us know the name of the joint composers and your preferred notification email we'll set you up with a login account. For example 'Mark & John'. For any tracks that Mark & John have composed together, they can upload to that composer account.