Tune Bud, LicenseQuote, SourceAudio, Wix & Wordpress Compared

Comparison Chart Sites like Licensequote, Tune Bud, Source Audio, Wix, Wordpress, Feature Compariosn and Price Comparison, Tune Bud Is the best value

Tune Bud is a powerful alternative to sites like LicenseQuote or SourceAudio.

If you are looking to build a music library business or composer website you have many options available. You can go down the route of generic website builders such as WordPress or Wix or you can go for a specialist builder such as Tune Bud, LicenceQuote or SourceAudio.

When it come to the more generic website builders the main problem you will face is how to set up your library. You may have to spend hours of your time editing store themes intended for physical products to end up with something sort of like what you wanted.

With sites like SourceAudio or LicenseQuote you have the functionality of a music library from scratch however the costs for a working library can be very high and the sites often lack modern design or the mobile friendliness that search engines love.

Tune Bud gives you the lower price point, music library eCommerce, mobile optimisation and modern design. Please visit the try it free page to get started.

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