Getting Started

stock music library builder getting started

Start Building Your Own Music Library

It's always really exiting to start putting together your own Tune Bud production music library.

We get that not everyone is a computer expert, so help you get started with the Tune Bud composer website builder we have created this handy guide, some resources and even a couple of videos.

We aim to keep things simple and we find users soon get used to the system but if you get stuck simply email Tune Bud support.

In the overview video we show you the customer facing side of Tune Bud we give some tips on design and ideas for you site. The admin section video is all about your control panel and how you can make changes to your site.

To Make Changes To You Tune Bud Website

  • Enter your URL followed by /manage_whitelabel/ which will open your login area.
  • Now input the login information we provided in your set up email.
  • Click "Log In Now".

Stand Out Design

Want to get hold of some image and graphics to make your site stand out from day one?

We put together the resources pack to make it as easy as possible for you to start licensing your music online.

Add A Logo

Once you have logged into you admin area, click on the site management tab followed by the site management box ( on the left hand side with and arrow). Next select site settings and you will see options to change your site logo, update your favicon ( the little mini logo in the tabs of your browser ), add tracking scripts and more.

To get started we recommend adding your own logo. For best results use a transparent PNG file however Tune Bud also accepts JPEG (we recommend using the whole image as the logo in this case. See example here - ) . Simply click the Choose File button and select your logo. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and hit update page.

Tune Bud Music Library Site Color

Change Your Site Color

Add your brand color by heading to the Site Management Tab, Site Management box and then Site Settings. Input your favorite hex color code into the Main Site or Secondary Color box.

Find your hex color code here:

Tune Bud Custom Pricing

You can adjust the prices you want to charge for music licences via the Site Management Site Settings area.

Open up the Tune Bud Price Calculator spreadsheet (provided upon setup) and type in what you would like to charge. The calculator will then give you the number to insert into the Usage Rate box.

You can then name the usage type by entering it into the Type Name box. Once complete click update page. After around 30 minutes the changes will be live on your website.

Custom Pricing Tune Bud

Image Grid Playlist Links

When adding links on your Tune Bud website in the Image grid area please don't insert your whole URL into the Website URl box. Just add the part after .com.

For example: You want to link to

You should just insert /featured-playlists/acoustic-production-music.aspx

Please note, the images you upload in the playlist area don't automatically appear as the image grid. The reason for this is that we wanted to allow users to use the image grid to link to any page of a Tune Bud site (not just playlists).

Uploading Tracks

After setup of your account the Tune Bud team will quickly create Composer login accounts for you.

Composers can then login and upload tracks to your site. Simply send us the composer name and email address so we can help you get started.

You don't need to setup all of your composer accounts at once and if you need more than those included in your package you can easily upgrade.

Can I Upload Tracks From Just One Account?

Once you have one track with each composer account uploaded you will be able to upload all remaining tracks from just one account. You can then reassign them to any other composer account from the music tab.